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Visit to HAMPI

Theme of movie Interstellar was about the fourth dimension “Time”.

Practically that applies to this place called as Hampi. In Hampi the time just Froze.

It is not a very difficult place to reach. But going with the group and getting to know about the place is always fun, And I  chose Hyderabad trekking club to visit this place called HAMPI.

The route to this mystery land is a small single Lane Road, with coconut and paddy fields throughout. The moment we enter the place, it treated me with Surreal boulder landscape. The combination of these landscapes +  the paddy fields + Old Rock Cut Structures makes the Hampi the most magical and mystical place which have ever visited. 

This place for sure had a different Vibe which I am going to experience, and I am going to describe you clearly about it. 

Hathi Mahal

The Vijayanagara Raja Treatment

This place for sure had a different Vibe which I am going to experience with the next two days, and describe you clearly about it.

Chapter 1 : Entry into Hampi

We travelled in the government Run bus to enter into Hampi, the moment we got in Hampi we headed towards the stay which is home stay.   We quickly had a fresh up and then organiser from Hyderabad Trekking Club managed some ice breaking sessions which is a very fun way to interact with every person in the event. Maybe that is the reason why from now on I will be mentioning “we” instead of “me”. 

We have many cafes nearby, and we choose one because of the vibrant colours it was having. Had a good food and then we started place called as Anjanadri Hills. Fun fact we have taken mopeds and also a boat ride. As Hampi is UNESCO World site, no bridges are allowed to construct, hence the only means of transport moving from mainland to  Island is by boat. 

Chapter 2 : Bike ride and visit to Anjanadri temple

The moment we entered an island called as Hippie Island we hired mopeds, I completely fell in love with this place. And to our surprise… It just started to drizzle. Dark black tar roads with zero traffic  and complete greenery  with beautiful Golden Boulders was a site which froze in my mind. We Parked the vehicles and  took a short  hike over the properly built steps  to reach temple on top of the hill. It is believed that it is the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. Overview of Hampi from this place is something  enchanting. We can experience Bird eye view of whole Hampi from this place. We then travelled back to the mainland. 

Chapter 3 : Sunset at Hampi

This is one of the most spoken!! and we were really excited to sunset from the land of Boulders. It was a laid back experience with kind of a spiritual aura. Far far away,  There are multiple mountains river bed and sun was setting over it. This again is a frozen memory for me, no matter what I do this picturesque landscape doesn’t go out of my mind. 

I sink under the weight of the splendour

Would I could describe these conceptions, could impress upon paper all that is living so full and warm within me, that it might be the mirror of my soul, as my soul is the mirror of the infinite God! O my friend — but it is too much for my strength

Chapter 4 : Hike for Sunrise 
we woke up very early in the morning at around 4:00 a.m. and then headed towards Matunga hill. It is a small hike over the boulders with not so regularly laid steps. If not for the Organiser, we would have missed the path because of the rough terrain and pitch dark atmosphere. We climbed up just in time !! The Dawn was a beautiful Orange scene with the ruins of Hampi getting opened up as the light started to kick into our lives for that day. If was a beautiful sight with magnificent view of boulders of Hampi.. We spend quite a good time on the top by taking photographs and enjoying the sun rays with good amount of talk on the Hampi and how our Day 1 went.


Chapter 5 : Guided Ride to All Heritage places in Hampi

I will just mention about the places we visited here because you need to visit the place to understand more about it. Event square Milli meter of these sites vibrate our history and glory of the kingdom which was existing . Every ruin helps us construct the complex in our mind. We visited, Monolithic Bull, Stone Chariot, Vittala Temple, Ganesha Temple, Sri Krishna Temple, Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Under ground Shiva Temple, Lotus Mahal, Royal Enclosure and Queens Palace
Note : Except for Virupaksha Temple, Prayer Offerings are not given at any other temple in Hampi because of the main Idols were either stole or destroyed.

Chapter 6 : Back Home.
With lot of memories making we started back from Hampi after some bouldering and in Bus back to our respective base points.

Over All , I was completely Satisfied with the trip and felt ” Weekend Well Spent ” Made good friends and leant a lot about our past. For people who think Hampi is just ruins, you are missing out something in your life.

Few Tips
– Places are not very far away from each other, you can hire Cycle / Moped upon Availability. Or can just take Auto to roam around
– Hampi serves only Veg Food
– Either prepare completely for the trip or go with the group / travel clubs otherwise you might get cheated
– Getting a place to stay is bit difficult. So go with someone who can pre-booked.
– There are no ATM’s in Hampi
– There are no Man Made Mega Constructions in Hampi
– Mango Tree is a Good place to Eat.

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